A Tale of Two Teachers

Dear Educator, This story concerns two teachers who lived in the same Mid-Michigan neighborhood. Their husbands were friends and often went fishing together. One woman taught 7th grade math and the other taught 8th grade biology at a middle school in a neighboring district.

Although they both had a passion for teaching, they often met for morning walks and couldn’t help but vent about their frustrations in the classroom. They shared similar stories about students who always seemed distracted, uninterested, and got less than desired test scores. They brainstormed to find ways to engage their students, but were often discouraged by the lack of results. Over the years they both felt their passion for teaching dwindle, but took comfort in knowing they weren’t alone in their frustrations.

One day, the biology teacher noticed an ad for interactive classroom technology. She was intrigued to say the least. She had been searching for new and exciting ways to engage her students, and the idea of using interactive displays was very exciting for her.

The next day she and her school’s principal scheduled a consultation to learn more about bringing interactive technology into their classrooms and the benefits of working with a REMC SAVE awarded vendor.

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Just a few days later, her classroom was equipped with a brand new, professionally installed, interactive display. She incorporated this new technology into her lesson plans and watched as her students lit up with excitement. They collaborated easily using the new technology, and she was able to be more flexible and creative with her teaching methods.

Day after day, as she watched her students’ passion for learning grow stronger, she felt her own passion for teaching return as well. Week after week, her students developed a deeper interest in biology, they started asking intriguing questions, and were retaining information, evident by their improving test scores.

The principal was also pleased that the purchasing process was so easy. He was able to buy without bidding from Data Image and simply submitted a school purchase order to facilitate the purchase.

The math teacher, on the other hand, was puzzled when her friend grew more optimistic and less frustrated during their “venting” sessions. Her friend now raved about her students’ improving test scores in biology.

And soon, the two teachers met less and less often as they no longer shared a common frustration to fuel their conversations.

It came to her as a shock when the biology teacher was recognized by the school district for her students’ outstanding achievements. She was full of congratulations and well wishes, but could not quite conceal her envy. It seemed a little unfair that good luck should come to one of them and not to both. Why was it that life could not treat them more equally in the ability to foster the success of their students?

The biology teacher who inquired about interactive classroom technology was recognized year after year for her students’ achievements in the classroom. She is now the principal of the largest high school in her district and regularly receives letters from her former students. They often thank her for putting them on a path to success. Her friend, the math teacher, still teaches the same class and still struggles to keep her students engaged. She will probably never know that the thing which came between them, and caused their paths to separate, was that first encounter with interactive classroom technology.

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